One-stop trading agency service

20 years old foreign trading import and export agency service company, the advantages and characteristics of Zhongshen International Trading

Import and export agency service

Import and export agency service

Since its establishment for 20 years, the company has focused on providing one-stop import and export agency services and has rich experience in foreign trade import and export.

Customs declaration and commodity inspection service

Customs declaration and commodity inspection service

It provides the export of all major ports in China, and has rich experience in the operation of all ports in the world! The fastest time is 2 hours for customs clearance.

Trading financial service

Trading financial service

The agent handles the payment and settlement of foreign exchange, the payment is received and settled at the real-time exchange rate on the same day. The documents are complete, and the export tax refund is paid on the same day.

About US

Zhongshen International Trading Co., Ltd., established for 20 years, focuses on providing import and export trade agency services. Customers served. As a professional comprehensive foreign trade enterprise, the company has a professional team proficient in import and export trade, specializing in the import and export services of various commodities and technologies. Import and export commodities involve more than 20 categories and thousands of varieties, and trade customers are all over the world.

  • Rich experience in foreign trade agency import and export
  • Provide one-stop comprehensive foreign trade services
  • Focus on pure agency services and do not participate in actual trade
  • Customs declaration and clearance enjoy fast customs clearance channel
  • 24-hour one-to-one VIP professional service
  • Review/prepare/present documents to avoid the soft trap of letter of credit


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